The Feast Day of the Archangel Michael and the Bodiless Hosts falls on 8/21 November each year. However this year, according to local tradition, the parish of the Archangel Michael in Blacktown celebrated its annual Feast Day on Sunday 7/20 November 2011. The parish was particularly blessed this year as the Holy Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God which was brought for the feast day by its guardian Deacon Nicholas Olhovsky.

The Divine Liturgy was served by Archpriest Nikita Chemodakov, the dean of New South Wales and rector of Saint Nicholas Church, Fairfield, along with Priest Alexander Filchakov of the Protection of the Holy Virgin Church, Blacktown (Moscow Patriarchate) and the rector of the parish, Priest Adrian Augustus, together with Protodeacon Basil Hadarin and Deacon Nicholas Olhovsky. The Choir was led by Reader Edward Waters.