History 1960 -2009

1984 | 2007 | March 2009 | November 2009


25 Year Anniversary 1984

A booklet of the history of the first 25 years of the Parish to 1984 was published to commemorate the anniversary.

The booklet can be viewed and downloaded HERE


Building & Renovating the Dome & Cupola 1959 and 2007

Erecting the Cupola & Dome in 1959

Occupational Health & Safety was not an issue in those days. On this project, it could be said they had the ultimate insurance cover.

Reviewing these 1959 photos note the absence of trees on the property. Contrast this with the various fully grown trees that are adjacent to the Church grounds in adjacent properties.

Looking south there are only paddocks where the Bowling Club and houses are now situated.

Replacing the Cupola & Dome 2007

The replacement of the Cupola and Dome in 2007 after nearly 50 Years. Contrast the methods used with those in 1959.

March 2009 Renovations of Church and Hall

November 2009

50 Year Anniversary – 2009

November 2009 Mrs Natalia Baitch Receives a Gramata [decree of blessing] from the Metropolitan

In recognition of her lifelong work and dedication, Mrs Natalia Baitch received a Gramata [decree of blessing] from the Metropolitan.

In 2009 Mrs N Baitch, who was the head of the sisterhood, handed on her responsibilities. She was also the longest-serving member of the congregation and was involved in the group whose vision and hard work resulted in the construction of the church. A considerable part of her life and that of her husband (who was the chief builder of the church T.L. Baitch) and the lives of their four children were spent in the grounds of the church.

She has seen almost all of her friends from the Sisterhood off onto their last path to God. Even in her advanced years, she still came to the church first to prepare for the start of the service and is last to leave. She carried on her shoulders for many years the heavy burden of meticulous Sisterhood organisation of holy days, holy bread baking, so investments, charitable dinners lotteries bazaars and much more. She was always, under any circumstances, ready to support, encourage and reassure everyone who needs her help in kind words.

A true spiritual sister, humble believer and hard worker and keeper of the church archives – Mrs Natalie Baitch – still attended church without fail despite her 89 years (2012). Her experience was invaluable and her advice on managing the affairs of the church were much needed and valued by the congregation. She surprised those who met her for the first time with her sharp mind and eloquent use of English spoken word.

In her later years Mrs Baitch was admitted to St Simeon Village, Plumpton.

She went on her last path to God on 27 December 2016, (aged 93).

Dearly beloved wife of Theodore (dec). Adored mother of Liz, Alex, George and Victor. Cherished mother-in-law of Terry, Diane, Debbie and Margaret. Devoted grandmother (Baba) to Sasha, Tammy, Andrew, Greg (dec), Phillip, Luke, Timothy, Amy, Adriana and their spouses. Beloved great-grandmother of 26 grandchildren.